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Toronto School of Visual Arts is a new concept art school with specialization in creativity and innovation. Established in 2005 by several working artists, the school offers a broad range of courses suitable for people aging from 5 to adult and the curriculum combines the fundamental drawing ability training with creativity developing. We provide 4 different level classes: the programs are designed according to each student抯 level. Fundamental class is for age 5-9 students, which can enlighten students?imagination, develop their basic interest and understanding of art. Intermediate level class fits for age 10-14 students, it can help the students to explore the ways of creating the illusion of space, color and texture, build their art knowledge. Advanced class is mainly designed for age 15-18 students, which can develop personal style and confidence in major art media through practice and advanced projects. We also help students to prepare portfolio to meet art college high quality level. Adult class faces to any adult who has interesting about art, improving their artistic sense and insight through drawing and painting practice. The programs are designed according to each student level; in the class, students work hands-on, learning to express ideas as they create or imagine. Through one-on-one instruction, teachers encourage students to try unique way to express their mind. A small class size ensures that students receive valuable individual attention.

We mainly teach students how to learn the skills of using various techniques to express their creativity of art and to study visual art; meanwhile, to show their growing talent of using materials and different method such as drawing, painting厖Our teaching method will enable students have an in-depth exploration into material within limited resources; hence the students may prefer one or more form of visual art styles and respond, enjoy and identify special skills or knowledge of others?works, thereby evaluate their own capacities.

The development of Toronto visual art school depends on our teachers?affection for art education and enterprising spirit. In the world of ever competition, People will increasingly realize the unique function of art education, especially the importance of art education in people抯 early ages can improve their integrity quality of life. Visual art school teachers especially focus on improving students?creativity and imagination, seeing ability and expressing ability; the teaching method of visual art school is vivid and flexible which has been proved effectually for above points. 


Our purpose is to cultivate students?mind, which comes from careful observing and bountiful imagining. You can improve art understanding and make your moral character perfect by reading, painting and thinking. We try to provide a learning environment full of relaxation and inspiration, combining basic drawing training with creativity cultivating. Drawing is a magical ability; drawing is a learnable and teachable skill; drawing is a curious process; it intertwines with seeing that the two can hardly be separated. Ability to draw depends on ability to see the way an artist sees. For example, you can 搒ee?imagines from the stain spilled coffee; this is so called 揇avinci Device? When you look at people and objects in your world, imagine that you are drawing them, and then you will see differently. You will see with an awakened eye, with the eye of the artist within you and this kind of seeing can marvelously enrich your life. First, to open access by conscious volition to the visual, perceptual mode of thinking in order to experience a focus in your awareness, and second, to see things in a different way. Both will enable you to draw well.

Many artists have spoken of seeing things differently while drawing and have often mentioned that drawing puts them into a somewhat altered state of awareness.

In that different subjective state, artists speak of feeling transported, 揳t one with the work?able to grasp relationships that they ordinarily can抰 grasp. Awareness of passage of time fades away and words recede from consciousness. Artists say that they feel alert and aware yet are relaxed and free of anxiety, experiencing a pleasurable, almost mystical activation of the mind. 

Drawing is a global or 搘hole?skill requiring only a limited set of basic components. Like other global skills, for example, reading, drawing, skiing and walking, once you have learned the components and have integrated them, you can draw, you don抰 have to go on forever adding additional basic skills. Progress takes the form of practice, refinement of technique, and learning what to use the skills for. This was an exciting discovery because it meant that a person can learn to draw with a reasonable time.

You can enjoy art from learning drawing and painting; finally, you can enjoy life by enjoying art. Our commitment is to help and inspire our students to release their potential art talent through our sincerity and effort.